Exit (existentialist) wrote,

Thunderbirds and full metal jackets killing time...

Well It's almost 6am. Damn this shift has passed by SO damn slow. We watched full metal jacket tonight. That movie was deffinitely for the generation before me. I don't connect with it very well.

But then I never was one who supported violence as a resoloution of problems. Fortunatly I have a heart defect that would ever keep me from being drafted. I hate the whole idea of war. I guess it also go's under my idea that to do for something or someone I would have to put it's value as greater then my own life and I have yet to meet anyone or see anything that I would die for. Maybe I'm just the most selfish man alive though:)

I made a new friend tonight. Not the good type though. One of these pathetic lamo's who call us cause they are lonely. I hate those bastards. Get a life. It's not hard to make friends. Sure your standards might be high. But, if they are so high why are you trying to be friend your internet tech support...

I was inspired today. When I was going to get a pizza from Dante's, I happened to park next to a hardtop comvertible. As I looked at the car closer I became more and more attracted to it. Then I saw it was a thunderbird and I was in love. I have never had an affinty for classic cars before. But, there is a first time for everything. I want this car. A black one with the port hole hard top. It is a 1956-7 model Thunderbird Convertible. That car looks awesome. The 2002 Thunderbird looks like it but costs around $40,000 in the package I want. But a restored Tbird will run me under $30,000. I had been looking for what car I would want after I sold my 1997 Cougar and I found it.

Also tonight in my state of boredom. I did one of my favorite school confidence building pass times. I went to the ca.gov employment site. I always get a warm glowing feeling when looking at that site. It is a great reminder of why I go to college. Today's great job was an Occupational saftey and ergonomics Assistant. Basicly the job is train people to be safe and make sure all office equipment is safe and as I would be an assistant I would not bear responsibility for being productive. The salary is 48k a year start! If I had my degree I would leave today. I love the government. *evil cakling laughter*

I did more homework tonight. I deffinitly am going to go try and hang out with friends tonight. My cougar is still running like a champ. I'm hungry righht now. But, I have pizza waiting for me at home. mmmm...

It's odd when I came in to work tonight there were yahoo stickers all over the office. I was like shit did we get bought out??? It was actually the opposite someone from yahoo came and interviewed for a job today at the ISP I work for LOL! I don't even work for an ISP 1/100 the size of AOL. Oh well I hear they pay well by this towns standards.

Argh! there was something else I wanted to write about tonight. But now I can't remember. Oh well maybe next time...
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