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So dissapointing, yesterday was a very busy day for once. I didn't sleep at all when I got home from work. Instead I did the unthinkable! I studied when not at work. Once I was done with that, I got motivated. I was bored and I wanted to get my books back from a friend so I could finish rereading the song of Fire and Ice. Then I remembered I was supposed to go see my uncle and fix a computer problem of his. While I was at it I decided to go see one of my best friends. So that is exactly how I spent my day. Kept me busy till the evening. Then I crashed for 12 hours:)

Today I as of yet I went to class. Took a midterm. I know the answers to all the questions but I'm uncertain if I phrased them right. That in structor is finiky about that. Besides that I have been reading.

Tonight I'm determined to spend the evening with another friend. I'm not sure which yet. My day to day exisistence is so exciting is it not? Tommorow I have a quiz in logic I have not even begun to look at nor will I. It was very nice to see my friend yesterday. I had not seen him in a month. It's so sad I have to know have to make time for my best of friends when I used to see them on a nearly daily basis:(

I remembered the very day I realized I was collared to be an adult. It was 2 weeks after graduating high school. I awoke at 9am, that is very early for me usually. As I laid in bed I thought to myself "What the hell am I doing awake". Then it occured to me I had to work. I was like shit why? Then I realized, for your car of course. Then I thought why do I need a car then. Then I realized I needed it to go to class. Then why go to class? Cause I want to make more money then my bastard of a father. So we come full circle. It was then I realized that I would never again be off for 3 months again to do what I wished with it, or even 2 weeks. My childhood had ended and I never even seen it till it was to late. Oh well, I now strive to retire early, 55 sounds so nice.

Well I'm going to get to calling my friends, L8,

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