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1st Post

Well, this is my first post on this thing. No idea how long I may continue to post here. Depends on my mood I guess.

I got a ton of homework done tonight. It's the friday of my work week. I'll probably call up one of my best friends and hang out today. Work was boring as usual. My coworkers were annoying as usual. You ever know anybody that you just want to plug your ears as soon as they start talking? Well I have one of those guys working with me. Fortunately I only want to plug my ear 50% of the time with him. Though I do know some people I just want to hit whenever they open their mouths.

hmm, an interesting side effect to this thing maybe motivating myself to do things so that I might have something to write about when i get to work and post on this thing. Well today I have good excuse as I literally got off yesterday. Finished reading American Psycho then went straight to sleep. I got 11 hours of sleep which is awesome.

American Psycho the book was much more fucked up then the movie. I think the book added a great horror element and you got a much greater feel for how fucked up the main character is.

Speaking of movies Fight Club is my current favorite. I was not always so into movies. But, the matrix got me into them. I'm a thinker. I'm always analyzing everything. Well the matrix was one of the first movies I saw that was more then just another human drama. I love fight club for it's social commentary on the American Male, the human desire to feel powerful and alive, our self destructive tendency's. Well I could write all day...

Thinking... An interesting thought to me I had a couple of weeks ago Cellphones. Have you ever considered why cellphones have gotten so damn popular? Oh yeah their convenient. But we did used to be able to live without them. Well I believe I have figured it out. It's Simple really. Cellphones are a socially acceptable set of headphones. See in high school I was always wearing headphones. As the level of conversation of most people depresses me or makes me want to knock the stupidity out of them. Well by putting on the headphones I was labeled "anti-social". Which I was, but headphones are not a good reason to label me. Cellphones on the other hand are a means of ignoring the world "because I'm on an important call". Not only that they make the statement "i'm so important I must be able to communicate 24/7" That is precisely the reason I do not own a cell phone or pager. I do not wish the world to be able to contact me 24/7. The world can leave a message and I will get back to it at my convenience not it's.

Well I have one more small paper to write and I want to get it done before i get off work. Cause then i will not have any more homework to do on my days off from work. I'll keep thinking about this place and make a decision on if I want to keep writing. I like it so far. I wonder how much I'll like it if I know people are actually reading it though...
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