Exit (existentialist) wrote,

Back Again

hmmm... I don't know what compeled me to come back and write again. But here I am none the less...

What have I done in the last 6 days? Nothing and it was everything I thought it could be. No, really I went to most of my classes. I had only one paper so a very light week. I have a midterm monday I'm going to study for tommorow night. Procrastination to the point of no return! Then I have a quiz on Tuesday that'll just wing.

My friends at work have got me playing everquest again. I don't know how long that will last this is the 3rd time I've started playing. The game is just so frustrating. If I can't get a port to free port, I'll probably stop playing again. Now that I am lvl4 the game has become a lot more fun as I can now group. However, my job and school keep me from becoming a serious EQ fiend. But, I don't think that's all bad. However it is a great way for me to burn free time I have at odd hours with no books to read.

I finished rereading Game of thrones for the first time this week. Wow I had forgotten a lot. I need to ge the rest of the series back from a frien dI let borrow them. Then I think I'll reread the sword of truth then maybe the wheel of time.

It's weird I talked to a couple of my good friends last night on IM. I then realized I had not seen them in close to a month. In fact it has been 2 weeks since I have hung out with any of my good friends. I deffinitly need to work on that Sunday night. My work weekend is Sunday night and Monday night. Not exactly productive for the social life.

One big plus is maybe I'm just imagining but my car is driving better then ever. But, then I'm just addicted to driving it so I guess thats nothing. I am so glad I bought that car. It is so much fun and ever time I get in I'm like ah yeah this is what that car payment is for.

That Chico informational I went to last monday was pretty weak. But it was nice to have dinner with my mom for the first time in many weeks. Pepper mill has great pot roast.

I got more homework tonight. Yeah me! When will this ever stop. Oh yeah in 2 years maybe. At least I can do it at work.

I've been so freaking bored and tired tonight. I can't wait to get home and like pass out for 12 hours. That is going to be a major relief.

well I'm still tired and the morning crew should be getting here soon I must make like the Bee's and look busy. L8,

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